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ACE of Hearts Fitness Tournament

Billsburg Brewery 2054 Jamestown Road, Williamsburg

There can only be one! Who will be this year's ACE of Hearts?   Launching the very First Annual “ACE of Hearts Tournament”, co-organized by Billsburg Brewery and ACE Fitness, to honor and support our local heroes whose leadership and hard work inspire us. Come and cheer for the athletic team made from your favorite local public safety departments, such as the police, firefighters, EMS etc. The competition will include exercises inspired by the Crossfit Games that include various workouts consisting of metabolic conditioning exercises, weightlifting, and gymnastics movements. This is a family-friendly event at the Billsburg Brewery, near the beautiful Jamestown Settlement and Jamestown Marina. Come and enjoy good drinks and food from the Billsburg Brewery, and celebrate the winner of the glamorous 6 feet tall ACE of Hearts Trophy. Award Ceremony is at 5Pm You can also learn more about the CrossFit exercise by interacting with the ACE Fitness gym members or visit their website at www.acefitnesscenter.org If you are a public safety hero and would like to register a team from your city, please contact Toni Colon. (e) toni.colon@jamescitycountyva.gov (p) 757-926-0981 Sponsored by:  .          .